IOM support to MoH in responding to COVID-19

IOM support to MoH in responding to COVID-19. Photo: IOM

IOM support to MoH in responding to COVID-19. Photo: IOM

Amman - With financial and technical support from CDC, IOM has been working with the Ministry of Health in Jordan on further enhancing the capacity of medical teams and national level response to limit the spread of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases at the borders.

The project contributes to the global efforts to reduce the spread and negative impact of communicable diseases. This has started with a comprehensive assessment of the borders, followed by the establishment of a core team of doctors from the Ministry of Health, who worked on developing public health emergency response plans and Standard Operating Procedures to detect and refer ill travelers.

As the Public Health Emergency Response Plan is a multi-agency coordination plan to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of communicable disease, the border authorities were very much involved in the development of the Plan from day one. Effective use of the Plan will facilitate a coordinated and timely response to any public health event at Points of Entry, reducing the threat of global disease spreading through mobility across the borders. 

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