International Migrants Day 2016

14 December 2016

On the occasion of the International Migrants Day that will be commemorated on 18 December, IOM Jordan and the Counter Trafficking Unit present the Global Migration Film Festival. The film festival will take place on 15 and 16 December at the Rainbow Theatre, Amman. FREE ENTRANCE

Join us in celebrating migration!

15 December at 18h

Plural + Youth Video Festival (short videos)

Exit Right by Rupert Holler and Bernhard Wenger (Austria)

Borderless by Ahmad Albakri (Palestine/Cyprus)

Inspire by Awais Ali & Sheroze Khan (United Kingdom)

Belonging by Pierre Chin Ho Leong (France)

I am Free by Ashoka Karimi (Afghanistan)

The Immigrant

Director: Charlie Chaplin

Country: USA, 1917

Language: silent movie with music. Titles in English and French


16 December at 17h


Plural + Youth Video Festival (short videos)

Another kind of girl by Khaldiya (Jordan/Syria)

Blue by Breech Harani (Philippines)

Global Citizens by Alejandro Gonzalez Permingeat (Argentine)

Wallah – Je te jure

Director: Marcello Merlot

Country: Niger, 2016

Language: French, Italian, English and Wolof (Subtitles: English)

Thirty Millions

Director: Daniel Price, Adrien Taylor

Country: Bangladesh, 2016

Language: English