• Fedza Lukovac | Media and Communications Officer

Yousef’s Recovery Journey


Yousef, a dedicated and hardworking man, once led a fulfilling life as a plumber in Syria. However, the brutal conflict forced him and his family to escape to Jordan, seeking refuge and safety. Now living in Jordan with his wife and two young children, Yousef faced numerous challenges as a refugee.

Despite the hardships, he managed to find work as a porter for food suppliers, carrying heavy items. Although it was difficult, he was thankful for the chance to earn a living and support his family. Tragically, a car accident left Yousef with severe lower back injuries, unable to walk or continue working. His family had difficulty providing for themselves and could not cover Yousef's needed medical care.

“I had to stop working due to the injury, now I cannot work unless is something minor. I formerly worked as a porter for food suppliers and with my current situation I am unable to lift heavy weights.” Said Yousef, who was devastated by the situation as well as his family. Without his income, they struggled to meet their basic needs.

Yousef’s oldest child Sondos

“I had to stop taking medicine and I was supposed to start physiotherapy, but I was not in a financial situation to afford any of it,” said Yousef while looking at his oldest daughter Sondos

Yousef, facing immense challenges as a refugee, found a lifeline when he was enrolled in IOM's Cash-Based Interventions Programme. Since October 2022, he began receiving Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance to help meet his family's basic needs. Recognizing that cash alone could not fully address Yousef's medical situation, he was referred to IOM’s Integrated Case Management service for additional support. IOM case workers facilitated Yousef’s access to physiotherapy and legal consultation for the court case he raised after being a victim of a traffic accident.

The impact of the IOM's Programme goes beyond just Yousef's life; it has provided essential cash assistance to 898 refugee households (4,242 Individuals) in 2022 / 2023, thanks to the continuous support of the U.S. State Department Bureau for Population, Refugees, and Migration. This generous funding enables individuals like Yousef to find hope and stability amidst challenging circumstances, creating a positive change throughout the refugee community.

Through the Integrated Case Management (ICM) service, IOM provides a more holistic and tailored approach, connecting beneficiaries with crucial services and facilitating access to relevant providers. Since January 2022, over 378 refugees have found hope and a helping hand thanks to the compassionate and comprehensive support provided by the IOM's ICM service.

MPCA provided via ATM card

Upon evaluating Yousef's health, he was referred to the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) Foundation which provided complimentary physiotherapy services, marking the beginning of his journey to recovery. Despite the challenging path ahead, Yousef remained determined. Gradually, through his persistence and resilience, he regained the ability to use his legs once more.

" I underwent 10 physiotherapy sessions and electrotherapy treatments at the injured area to avoid further complications." Explained Yousef while standing on his both legs without the help of a walker. I could not walk without the walker, as I kept falling. However, after the treatment, I am back on my feet again.”

Today, Yousef has regained the ability to walk and enjoy playtime with his children. He has even taken on household tasks, bringing joy to his wife. Yousef's journey serves as a powerful reminder of the human spirit's incredible resilience. His story demonstrates that even during the most challenging times, hope remains ever-present.


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