Kenyan Delegation’s Study Visit to Counter Trafficking Facilities in Jordan

10 May 2018

Amman - 24 April 2018, The UN Migration Agency (IOM) office in Jordan, received the visit of a Kenyan delegation to discuss the challenges and best practices in combating trafficking in persons in Jordan.

During the three day visit, the Kenyan government representatives who work in different counter trafficking units held meetings with relevant authorities and a variety of civil society organizations, of which Dar Karama.

Dar Karama, is an exemplary shelter for victims of trafficking in Amman. Theshelter was established in 2015 under the Ministry of Social Development in response to an article in the anti-trafficking law of 2009, which stipulated the provision of shelter services for victims of trafficking and the ensurance of their well-being. The Kenyan delegation was provided with information on the physical, psychological and social recovery programs implemented in the shelter.

 “As empowering victims of trafficking is one of the top priorities for Dar Karama, the shelter focuses on giving high quality trainings to the victims, helping to rebuild their self-confidence and enhancing their future ability to integrate with the society” Said Ms. Lana Alzaq, the manager of the shelter.

“We teach the victims how to make soap, candles, and perfumes. We also provide recycling and cooking classes and sometimes we prepare trips to touristic places where the victims can engage with the Jordanian community and build rapport,” she added.

The Kenyan delegation met another important entity, the National Anti-Trafficking Committee led by the Jordanian Ministry of Justice where they discussed the Jordanian anti-trafficking law and its recent amendment; the framework applied by the anti-trafficking national committee as well as the national strategy. On the other hand, the Kenyan delegation presented their model of a “trust fund” and national assistance provided for victims of trafficking in Kenya.

On the last day, the delegation met with the Jordanian Counter Trafficking Unit to discuss the structure of the unit and the existing coordination mechanism among all partners.

Within the civil society originations working to combat trafficking in persons, the Jordanian’s Women’s Union received the delegation and presented on their work and shelter. The two parties discussed potential collaboration as well.

Since 2008, IOM has been supporting the Jordanian authorities in combating human trafficking in Jordan through provision of infrastructure and capacity building trainings.

For more information, please contact Ms. Laura Sisniega Crespo