IOM's vaccination activities in Zaatari camp


With the support and funds of UNICEF Jordan, U.S. Department of State: Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, UNHCR Jordan and the government of Kuwait, and under the coordination of the Ministry of Health of Jordan, our activities in emergency and routine vaccinations have prevented ‪#‎measles‬ and ‪polio‬ outbreaks among ‪Syrian Refugees‬ in ‪Jordan‬ and have protected the host communities from these two common childhood diseases. Women in childbearing age rec...eive vaccinations against ‪‎tetanus‬, a disease that can be contracted during childbirth.
IOM's emergency vaccination program is included in the vaccination plan of the Jordanian Ministry of Health. A joint effort of the Jordanian authorities and the humanitarian actors has granted child refugees access to vaccinations in Jordan since the beginning of the crisis.

As the influx of refugees remains constant, and the health services inside Syria are not able to ensure the implementation of vaccination programs, vaccination activities will remain a fundamental part of IOM’s intervention in Jordan.