Construction of tower No.19 at Ruqban and Hadalat



IAEB No.: [IOM-2018-012]

 Date: 30th December 2018


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is an intergovernmental humanitarian organization established in 1951 and is committed to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits both migrants and society.

the IOM Bids Evaluation and Award Committee (“BEAC”) now invites interested Contractors to apply for eligibility and if found eligible, to bid for the proposed [Construction of Tower No.19 at Ruqban and Hadalat ].

Bids shall be valid for a period of [60 days] after submission of Bids and must be accompanied by a Bid Security in the amount of [ 2 %] of the total Bid price in the form of [Bank Guarantee or a certified check as prescribe herein] and shall be delivered to the BEAC at [International Organization for Migration (IOM), 12 Suheil Majdoubeh Street, Tila’a Al-Ali, Amman ] on 17 January 2019 at 11:00 am  ].  Late bids shall be rejected.

Bids will be opened at [International Organization for Migration (IOM), 12 Suheil Majdoubeh Street, Tila’a Al-Ali, Amman ] on [17 January 2019 at 11:30 am ] in the presence of the Contractors who wish to attend.

For further information, please contact

IOM reserves the right to accept or reject any bids, and to cancel the procurement process and reject all bids at any time prior to award of Contract, without obligation to inform the affected Bidder/s of the ground for IOM action.


Due Date

Advertisement Day (downloadable from IOM Jordan website

30 December 2018

Site Visit

6 January 2019

Will be communicated and Instructed

Request for clarification of the bidding documents

6-8 January 2019

Submission of Bids

17 January 2019 at 11 AM

Bids Opening

17 January 2019 at 11:30 AM

Technical Evaluation

17-20 January 2019

Financial Evaluation

21-22 January 2019


NoA Notice of Award (passed technical and financial evaluation + GPSU approval if applicable)

23-31 January 2019

Bid Validity Period

60 calendar days after Bids submission

Bid security (bid bond)

2 % of the total bid amount to be submitted 17 January 2018

Performance security

10% of the total bid amount to be submitted 5 days after receiving the NoA

 Please download the following docuemnts;

1- Bidding Documents : /sdefault/files/SF%2019.11%20Bidding%20Document%20for%20Construction%20of%20Tower%20No.19%20at%20Ruqban%20and%20Hadalat.pdfites/

2- VIS Form : /sites/default/files/19.06%20Vendor%20Information%20Sheet%20%28VIS%29.pdf

3- Construction Drawings: /sites/default/files/

4- Technical Specifications (BOQ- Part 1): /sites/default/files/BOQ-%20Part%201.rar

5- Technical Specifications (BOQ- Part 2): /sites/default/files/BOQ-%20Part%202.rar

Very truly yours,

IOM Procurement and Logistics Department




Closing Date: 
Thursday, January 17, 2019